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When it comes to garage door repairs, we are pleased and proud to say that all our door specialists are highly experienced so they are able to make sure that all your concerns are met accordingly. Helpful and accommodating, all our technicians will run you through all the options you can have when it comes to repairs, installations and replacements. If you are looking for immediate assistance, make sure to contact us right away. Call our hotline number or send us an email. One of our able and knowledgeable customer service representatives will get back to you right away with an answer to your query or a solution for your concern.

We are a team of experts who replace broken garage door springs carefully

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Keeping up with the maintenance

We have four children and run our own business, the last thing on our mind is keeping up with the maintenance of our garage. Luckily, we use the reliable and efficient services of Garage Door Repair Crystal for our garage door maintenance. Thanks to them we only have to think about this once a year. It is obvious by the quality of work they provide to us that they are genuinely concerned for our well-being. Their service technicians are thorough in their evaluation. They take care of everything. We are so grateful to have found them.

Lost remote

When we couldn’t find the remote to our garage door, we were inconvenienced for a whole week. Finally, we decided to contact Garage Door Repair Crystal. Even though we couldn’t find a replacement for our garage, they could. This was amazing to us because they no longer even offer this door. We don’t know how they did it, but they did. They sent someone out to us with a new remote and we were back in action, using our garage again. We can’t tell you how much we appreciate their expert services.

Quick and Professional Cable Repair

I was shocked to see the garage door cable off the drum. I pressed the remote button but the door wouldn't move. I called this company as I had their number from a coworker and they sent a professional to help me out right away. The guy got to work after a quick inspection and did everything with extra care. He released the tension from the torsion spring and set the cable back into place. Then he adjusted the spring again and tested the door. Everything was back to normal in very little time. I can confidently say that the service of Garage Door Repair in Crystal was excellent. For the resolution of complex issues, this is the best company around.

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