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Are you clueless about garage doors? If you have questions, read our answers here

How much does a new garage door cost?

The cost of a garage door is influenced by a number of factors. Most common of these factors are size, materials, decorative options, and site conditions. Our service crew suggests that you get in touch with a reliable garage door service provider so that the cost on garage door installation service can be factored into the price.

My garage door has windows. Does it not affect security?

Garage door manufacturers are aware of the risks associated with windows in garage doors. Rest assured that these windows are designed to be safe for your garage. These windows are tempered and translucent that not only adds to the aesthetic appeal of your door but also ensures security.

My garage has a one-piece door. Can I have a sectional door installed without any other renovations?

Our experts say that you can actually change your garage door into a sectional type but with minimal adjustments to your garage do accommodate the springs and other sectional door parts and to ensure the new door’s full functionality.

Why does my garage door keep reversing?

There are two possible causes to this problem. Check the tracks for obstruction first. If you find anything stuck in them, remove it using gloves while the door is open. Remember to release the opener first. If the tracks are fine, check the safety sensors. Clean them and align them to be exactly opposite each other, if necessary. Try to close the door again. If the problem persists, get the safety sensors checked. They will most probably require replacement.

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